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Government House

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  • Government House
Must See Government House

Government House is the official residence of the Governor General of The Bahamas. Located on Mount Fitzwilliam, the 10-acre sprawling estate was built in 1801 and is a five-minute drive and 10-minute walk from The Port. In front of the expansive pink and white structure stands the statue of Christopher Columbus. The statue was imported from London by Governor James Carmichael Smythe in 1830 to commemorate the landfall of Columbus on the island of San Salvador in The Bahamas in 1492. Government House and The Ministry of Tourism hold a complimentary tea party called “People-To-People ”On the last Friday of each month, January through May and in October and November. Hosted by various prominent Bahamian women, attendees of the tea parties can sample local “bush” teas, sandwiches and pastries and enjoy live music and camaraderie.

Address Duke Street

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